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Weed Accessories

Weed Accessories
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The weed accessories market is straightforward to navigate, and it has one of the most profitable areas of opportunity in the legal cannabis industry. However, unlike planting cannabis, the weed accessories business is not subject to the same banking regulations and heavy taxes. This article presents the weed products that are dominating the market.


Over the last couple of years, we have seen a surge in the popularity of vaping. In some US states, vaping is more common than smoking dry buds. Therefore, any entrepreneurs who want to establish a cannabis brand or website should preferably focus on vaporizers.

Apart from e-liquid vapes, dry herb vapes are becoming very popular in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, CBD vaping is gaining more popularity due to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which officially legalized hemp. The explosion of the CBD market has increased the demand for the CBD vape market. The primary advantage of vaping products is that they are travel-friendly and portable.

Dab Rigs

Concentrates are among the rapidly growing cannabis products this year. Over the last couple of years, Oregon and Colorado have witnessed an increase in rosin sales, respectively.

The high demand for live rosin, shatter, and hash is due to the increased popularity of dab rigs: glass weed apparatus created for smoking THC concentrates. Rising interest in concentrates lies in the hands of individual weed consumers. The use of concentrates makes the user experience a stronger high that has the taste of the terpenes within the cannabis.

The growing market and knowledge surrounding the cannabis plant rise each day, and its sense that the market for weed products is becoming stronger.  


According to the latest government census, national cannabis consumption rates significantly increased among non-graduate students). This means that cannabis consumption is at a very high level, and this has resulted in an increased demand for essentials like grinders.

Nowadays, there exist different types of weed grinders. Some of the popular ones include two piece and three-piece models, metal and plastic models, electric grinders, wooden grinders and more.

Herbal Infusers

Many people are switching from flower to edibles. According to a report from cannabis research firm BDS Analytics, the US market for edibles is projected to be worth an estimated $4.1 billion by 2022.

Currently, herbal infusers are becoming a more method of making your edibles at home. These weed products are used to make infused oils and butters with cannabis oil with precision.

Weed Containers

Most weed products are not usually created solely for smoking the plant itself. Safely keeping your buds in a sealed container is essential for hiding the smell and keeping the bud fresh and clean. 

Currently, there are vast arrays of weed containers which range from high-end wooden boxes to plastic containers that can easily be fitted into larger bags. There is also the presence of UV resistant containers which can be used by persistent consumers.

The sale of weed products is not subject to the same regulations as selling natural weed. The less strict laws surrounding weed products have made weed accessories producers more innovative than ever at meeting the consumer’s needs.